One of my favourite types of photoshoots to do is my 'mama & me' sessions. There is something so special about watching a devoted mother cherishing the moments with her children and just loving on them. I think because I am a mother myself, these sessions mean so much to me, and I know that a lot of the time it's usually us mum's that are behind the lens instead of in front of it. I believe that we too need and totally deserve beautiful images that capture our love and bond with our children, particularly when they are young. And not only beautiful photographs but also taking part in the beautiful experience that accompanies them when having our photos done. You need to be able to feel completely beautiful and you deserve to see how much you are loved.

These sessions mean a lot to me as a mother myself, and I feel that every mum needs them. It's easy to think you will be able to remember all these special moments in your life, however, as time passes, every detail, every moment is hard to retain, so being able to capture it now can be so important. These are more than just pretty prints for your wall or social media posts. These are moments you are able to freeze in time and be able to look over and enjoy for years to come.

It's also important to be able to celebrate and love our grandmothers and even our great-grandmothers if you are that blessed to still have them here with you. We wouldn't be here without these amazing women in our lives, so it's important to cherish such moments.

I feel privileged to be able to do these sessions and I am always excited to be able to work with such well-deserving mamas. The bond between a mother and her child (regardless of their age) is just incredible. Most of the time, mamas don’t get in the frame with their children and then a year has passed and then maybe another year… and both you and your little ones have already changed so much. I aim to capture moments for you. Creative, gorgeous images of you loving on your children, and them loving on you! These are very low-key, intimate and fun sessions. There is no pressure. No stress. You literally only need to come and be with your children and I do the rest.

Who is this for?

-These are for mamas and their kids only. (No matter the age or how many).

-Grand mother's and great grandmother's can be included for generational shots.

-These cannot be used as full family sessions.

-For all details, see investment tab fill out a contact form.